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You read my mind. I was just thinking about the weakness of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and realized Chris Pratt was one of the two things that do not bode well for the third installment. He really did not stand out in 2.

Perhaps the writers did not give him much to do which is hard to quantify in an ensemble cast. Or more aptly, what exactly is the role he fills in this particular ensemble cast? Rocket makes the better wise ass leaving what for Chris? He seemed sort of like a straight man for every one to play off of. For Guardians 3, the only choice may be to up the romance but that is tricky in this genre.

As to the other weakness, I was surprised by how much mileage the production tried to squeeze out of a couple of set pieces. One piece is the tongue-in-cheek over reliance on 1970's pop rock. I mean Brandy is a fine girl and song but burning up screen time and Kurt Russell’s salary reciting almost the entire lyric must have cost a million bucks.

The other bad call, was the scotch tape bit. Pay to write more jokes rather then drag out one. But to date, Chris Pratt is no Chris Evans, who more then holds his own as the straight arrow, square jaw against the other more charismatic tight wearers in The Avengers. Still I await 3 because Drax, Groot and Rocket make me laugh and Zoe makes me everything else!

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