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Get to know the #nocode ✌🏾

If you are a startup founder, then really, the first place to go is Product Hunt.

It’s where cool and exciting software get launched on the internet every day.

Now before you get to product hunt or become a startup founder who doesn’t know how to code but needs to get a digital product out there quickly to validate your business model or idea, you need to start from somewhere, right?

That’s what we are going to talk about. This article collects content from very resourceful material sources that talk about #nocode tech, their use cases and could hopefully be a guide to you making a decision for your new startup.

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It is one thing knowing the principles and laws of UX, and it is another thing satisfying users by applying those principles in your toolbox.

I ran a quick test, which I call a snap test, for just 10 hours to decide which design approach to take on a project I am working on for a friend.

The idea is to decide on one out of three welcome screens, putting into consideration the following;

  1. Clarity of the design
  2. Easy communication to reduce cognitive load on users
  3. Layout of elements
  4. Actionable instances (clearly defined CTAs)
  5. The simplicity of the design (whitespace in…

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User Experience design has come to stay in modern times since Technology has become so prominent. The UI/UX Designer has become one of the most sought after, in this ever-advancing technology industry. It is so much you are to do if you wish to become the shining star in the world of design, especially in UX design. And as the demand for good customer experience keeps rising, so is the need to meet those demands adequately.

In Ghana, the story is no different. More and more companies are realizing the need to invest in quality design and as such, quality designers. …

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Participants of Ghana Must Go: Forward Initiative

Nubuke Foundation in collaboration with Basecamp Initiative presented Ghana Must Go: Forward, a three-month intensive programme and co-working space for 40 talented thinkers.

The motive was to look for critical thinkers who are prepared to reimagine and create infrastructure in Ghana.

Application Requirements
Eligibility: 18–35 years
Incubator/ coworking space: 1st August — 28th October 2018
Venue: Basecamp Initiative, Crystal Park, East Legon (Tunnel), Justice Azu Crabbe Street, Accra, Ghana
Deadline: 30th July 2018, Midnight.

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This is a common question among the members of the Figma Africa community, as well as new users of the Figma Design Tool. Figma started as a web-based design tool with real-time collaboration. Web-based tool because; there no software to download, install, and continually update. There’s no need to save and organize your files. Your work is automatically saved to a shared space in the cloud. Share your work via a URL with others to view and for speed.

A really simple guide to knowing the differences and using them

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UX Design is a complex process. In its totality, it makes users of your product happy. When done wrong, people are left with an unbearable nightmare. In UX Design, there are lot’s of complex processes that helps you a product designer or developer, achieve your goals, but in this article, I am going to talk about two of them briefly.

There are thousands of articles out there talking about User journeys and User flows and tools to use, but what am going to focus on is how to apply and create them in FIGMA even though they can be done using sticky notes and pen :).

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Figma is by far the best UI design and prototyping tool. The use of this tool has transformed my entire design workflow, having provided me with all the features a designer could dream of. The introduction of new prototyping features the past week was a game changer!

Figma introduced Interactions — providing you with options to add states to elements, for example buttons. After delays, which can be used to mimic things like notifications and auto-redirected pages, Landscape device frames, Clickable URLs and Back transitions. Wow! And the list continues.

You can read more about these in this article — The finale of Prototyping Week: Interactions by Daniel Chiu. …

Creating custom shapes in Figma; a practical approach.

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As variegated as it may sound, Boolean operations are actually very simple. They are applied in almost every aspect of our everyday living; designing, programming, arts, etc.

In Figma, Boolean operations help us combine any set of shape layers through one of four formulas: Union, Subtract, Intersect, and Exclude. Shapes made with Boolean are treated as a single shape layer and share fill and stroke properties and can be combined with other boolean groups through subsequent boolean operations.

The really simple Export Import Love Story

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Figma is an incredibly powerful design tool. It’s well-known for it’s real-time collaboration, and web-based interface. Figma as a company has shown interest in Design in Africa forming The Figma Africa community. So, basically, a platform for the designers in Africa to come to interact, mentor, learn, grow and profit together while engaging in design activities, events, weekly challenges and sprints which are designed to address certain needs of their immediate environments and also present themselves to the global design community irrespective of their skills level.

Figma Africa, Accra, had a recent 3-day Design bootcamp that educated individuals in basic design principles, introduction to design thinking, user experience design and presentation skills. This was organized in partnership with the German Institute of Business and Technology, Developers In Vogue and Fairpointers Limited. This bootcamp saw the coupling of Figma and PowerPoint to create impressive presentations and user experiences having some of the participants pitch their ideas for cool Figma swag. …


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Tech Entrepreneur / Community Leader / Design Educator / No-Code Enthusiast / Webflow Developer

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