Why I’ve learnt to embrace all emotions this year

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There was a time when I thought the only way I could have an impact on people was to be positive all the time. It’s what I was taught in the corporate world — “Even if you’re having a bad day, leave that at home. Clients are our number one priority, so always greet them with a smile”.

And a similar sentiment was taught when I started to work online. “Nobody wants to hear you talk about problems. You’re a leader. You have to be positive.”

But is all this positivity really for the best, if it’s fake?

If we’re…

And how to surrender to the magic of the universe instead…

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For so much of my life I prided myself on being a perfectionist. I wore it like a badge of honour. Everything I did had to be at the highest standard and I would put so much pressure on myself to over-perform.

To the point where I would do things like go home after school and rewrite my notes just because they weren’t neat enough. Yes, this was in the days before we all had laptops. And there was one computer for the whole family to fight over lol.

As the oldest child I felt this need to lead by…

Plus my experience connecting with Isis — the Goddess of the Moon

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Back in January, I was reading a book; Evolution of Goddess — A Modern Girl’s Guide to Activating Your Feminine Superpowers by Emma Mildon. There’s a chapter about spiritual evolution and conscious changes we’ve been through since the dawn of time. This is depicted in the age of time.

I remember reading and feeling a little flutter in my body. It was fleeting, and at the time I didn’t think much of it. But it was enough for me to write about in my journal.

A sense of excitement was rising within me. I now realize it was my soul…

And how we can transcend them to lead a more fulfilling life

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Recently I went to a shamanic healing ceremony. It was to receive one of the Munay-Ki rites.

The one I received was the Rite of the Womb. These rites come from a lineage of women in the jungles of Peru. And the message has been to transmit them to as many women as possible to heal them of all suffering they carry in their belly.

This lineage of women wants us to remember:

“The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life. Let’s heal our womb; let’s heal…

Do this one thing and you’ll have a much clearer channel

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If you had spoken to me at the start of the year about connecting to my guides, I would’ve looked at you like you had two heads. I’ve always believed in it and been open to the possibility of other people connecting for me. But I never thought it was something I could do for myself.

Connecting with our spirit guides may sound a little ‘woo woo’ but the more I opened up to my spiritual side, the more magical my life has become.

My Reality Turned on Its Head. In a good way.

I joined a group coaching program. I thought I was signing up for a standard business…

And why you should turn it off too!

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I don’t watch the news…

That might come as a shock, someone with a Journalism degree doesn’t like the news.

When I was studying, it was because I found it boring. I never wanted to be a news reporter. I wanted to write feature articles for fashion or travel magazines.

Plus, a lot of what we were taught didn’t sit well with me. The primary aim of news was to make money, so it wasn’t about presenting the most important information. It was all about presenting the news that was going to get the most hits. So if you have…

Understand the benefits of connecting with Mother Earth

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Remember when you were a child and you had nothing better to do than lay on the grass and stare up at the sky for hours?

Letting your imagination run wild. Picturing all these beautiful images in the clouds…

Why don’t we make time to do this as adults?

Connecting to nature is just as important, if not more so, as we grow up.

Nature is filled with vitality. Nature = prosperity and abundance.

Nature is the elixir of life. We are one with nature. So why do we forget this basic principle of life?

How did we forget to appreciate nature?

Because it’s slowly taken away…

Because magic does exist, and it’s all around us if you’re willing to see it

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Do you believe in magic? Earlier this year, I started watching a lot of reruns of Charmed. And despite the cheesy old school 90s vibes, there are so many great messages in it.

It’s what has really inspired me to look around and see the magic everywhere. And to look within and explore who I am deeper.

It’s not just a show about witches and demons. There are lots of great messages about knowing oneself, trusting your intuition, letting go of ego, seeing the magic, and discovering how to bring that into your everyday life.

When you see magic for…

I started feeling a much stronger connection to my intuition — Something I felt like I had lost

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If I was to talk about your pineal gland, would you know what that is? What about your third eye?

Not too long ago, I wouldn’t have known. I knew the third eye was our way of connecting to higher levels of consciousness. But I didn’t know what the pineal gland was.

It wasn’t until I went to my past life session 6 months ago that I connected the dots. At the end of the session, my shaman told me my third eye was blocked and she said I should stop drinking tap water because of the fluoride in it.

Why I said no to antidepressants

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Today is R U OK day in Australia. And whilst I could share all the suicide prevention information, I feel compelled to share a story.

It’s a story from 5 years ago.

The day I found myself sitting on a therapist’s couch, crying and miserable.

I was referred to her by the bank after I requested stress leave. I couldn’t bring myself to face one more day in that environment that was sucking the life out of me.

In a couple of sessions together the therapist declared I had depression and referred me to a doctor.

The doctor agreed and gave me a script for anti-depressants. But it was my choice if I took them or not. …

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