Secrets: Store Owner Tactics

How to convince activated store owners to be featured? “We will help you establish dominance. In fact, no one has copied AA Designs…”

How to prevent activated store owners from moving out? “We can’t tell other people that there is a dominant store for your niche market anymore. Other stores could take your spot and challenge your new venture.”

How do we convince activated store owners to create more stores? Base price discount promo = testing stage

How do we convince store owners to release new designs?

How do we convince new store owners to try Facebook ads? “What if there’s a way to reach thousands of potential shoppers w/o shelling out cash?”

How do we boost new store owners’ ownership, potential and retention? Fake orders = yet to test

What is the formula of an activated store? Proud niche market (list) + worth it designs (list) + FB basic page content + FB ads basic targeting

How to convince Anthony that stores do not graduate from us? “The bigger the business, the bigger the risk and hassle. Case in point: i’mabosco third hoodies and Animo Nation volleyball championship shirts. Case in point: San Beda and UST not winning the finals. AA Designs, The Espanya Project and Red Streak could have lost lots of money.”

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