Football Stories: A start

Although I am not completely certain that people will be interested in my constant rumbling (and possible ranting) about the beautiful game, if you are here and reading this, I sure hope my opinions entice you to write your own opinions.

Maybe Medium isn’t the correct site for this but I do love writing and I hope that you can all enjoy what I have to write about… As the title suggests, this is just a start with minimal information about football but rather about myself because I like that type of connection with my readers.

I am from Argentina but I grew up in Hong Kong, yes I am a Messi fan to the core. I am a huge River Plate fan, once I moved to Asia, the light blue of Manchester City attracted me and since then, I have supported the English side more than the most successful club in Argentinean history. Growing up in the parks of my homeland, I learnt that being “good” at football is not necessary because football is a game played for fun. As I got older, it was obvious that only those with eye-catching moves and sublime talent could continue the dream of being the next big thing, but that has never troubled me. Watching football is to me a whole different realm of the sport. To me, there is nothing more uniting than football because it is something so simple to connect with. You are angry or sad when you lose and you are happy when you win but the funny thing is that is not only that. Every team has its own story with its own uniqueness and to support a club is more than just buying the team jersey, it is making a promise that no matter what, your blood is coloured with those colours that you chose to love because there is nothing more beautiful than seeing your team win a league title, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing your rivals crumble, and there is nothing more beautiful than the beautiful game.

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