Learn one new thing

We all remember where we were in the year 2000. Not that long ago really.

But consider, Google barely existed, there were no Google maps (2004) or Google Docs (2007). There was no LinkedIn (2002), Facebook (2004) or Twitter (2006). We had no iPhones (2007) or Android smartphones (2008).

In 2000 only a few were aware of the information we would soon have at our fingertips. Technology is moving faster every year and my question is, are you and those around you taking advantage of it?

Unlike the early days of the industrial revolution, today’s tools are accessible and affordable, so it really comes down to your commitment to learning, which can be an adventure that gets more interesting and natural, the more you engage it.

If you’re in business of any kind, and not taking advantage of the sweeping changes, you risk falling behind in a competitive market — and change will certainly continue, with or without you.

So I challenge you to start your learning journey today, by finding and learning one new tool.

The changing landscape of software

So much of the technology that touches our lives everyday is driven by software. Reading this article is just one small example of your involvement, in an increasingly digital world.

Nowadays we hardly ever install software on our devices, but rather we find it online, and use it as we need to. This is the SAAS (Software-As-A-Service) model, where the function the software performs is something you use via the web, sometimes for free and most often at a nominal cost.

A positive consequence of SAAS becoming more prevalent is that some of the most sophisticated enterprise and team software is now available and affordable for even the smallest players.

Where to from here

Rather than a single software platform that promises to meet all the needs of everyone in your business, API technology allow focussed tools that meet specific needs, to play nicely with one another and share data. In addition today’s SAAS tools offer timely and accessible metrics, giving intelligence about different aspects of any operation.

It can take days and sometimes weeks of research to even discover what’s available and relevant for your business. Then you have to decide what’s most appropriate for your organisation and your team.

If you sense that things could be done more efficiently, but don’t know where to invest your learning effort, then get in touch. I’ve made it my business to keep up with the technology and can be a sounding board for your thinking.

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