Onsites.co is now Agave

Most companies are lucky if they can find a 5 letter .com domain that’s memorable and easy to spell. With Agave.com, we liked that it met the criteria for a memorable and simple name, but there’s a story behind it too.

If the first thing you think of is tequila when you hear “agave” that’s because it’s made from the blue agave plant. Everyone’s first experience of tequila is terrible. They choke it down with salt and lime because it’s awful. Most people move on to other spirits at this point. The same thing happens with interviewing: everyone has done it, and nobody enjoys it. That’s considered normal today and our mission is simple: to deliver the best candidate interview experience.

When distilleries put the right process in place, the experience is actually great. But it doesn’t happen on accident. Tequila is a deceptively difficult to make — it looks easy, but even being a few degrees off in one step in the process can throw the whole flavor off.

Making great tequila is incredibly difficult and the great ones show a high degree of craftsmanship. It’s just like creating the right process for a great interview.

We’ve outfitted our office in Palo Alto with blue agave plants, some fantastic tequila (made from 100% blue agave), and we’re excited to help companies deliver the best candidate interview experience.


Agave logo progression during its design phase
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