Eyes From the Sky — Takeoff

Latest View from My Last Trip — JM

What do you think of as you are about to takeoff? Having done so over 500 times in the past 5 years I can tell you it differs for me each time. It can be hope, excitement, anxiousness, accomplishment, among many other feelings. I do most of my travel for work, always in planes due to my home base being on one coast and the clients I get to work with being all over North America. This also means I normally have 2 flights to get anywhere (I don’t live in a big city). In the past 2 years or so I’ve been taking time to enjoy the takeoffs and reflect on where I’m going, why I’m going there and how can I leverage the next hour or 2 or 4 to be productive. Being productive can take on many different meanings depending on the destination; preparing a meeting if I’m heading somewhere, catching up on emails if returning home, sleeping if it’s a red-eye, watching documentaries, shows or reading a book if I need to decompress… they all can be beneficial at the right moment. I used to feel that I couldn’t get much done on planes apart from watching movies or reading but by changing my mindset and taking time during takeoff to concentrate on what can be accomplished really changed my view on this. What has also helped is the availability of the internet on most flights now. This allows any business traveler to be more productive while still not getting bothered by phone calls, text messages, meetings and such (as long as you turn these off).

In these short articles, I want to bring to life the experiences and viewpoints from someone who does spend quite a bit of time in planes, airports, taxis and hotels so that readers that are heading out on vacation, adventures, relocation as well as business trips understand that travel can be less stressful if you allow your mind to live in the present and realize everyone on board has a different purpose being on that same itinerary as you.

So, the next time you are about to takeoff, look out the window, look around the plane and think of how you will spend the remaining time being productive and rested upon landing. Enjoy the adrenaline as the plane accelerates on the runway, look out at the city landscape as you start climbing in altitude and dream of success as you reach the clouds!! It’s all in the mindset!!