The Meadow

Every day I imagine this place and I wish that I was there everyday. Close your eyes and picture this.

It’s a sunny day but there are trees surrounding me. The sun hits my radiant brown skin as it peaks through the leaves of the tree with a warmth that I’ve never felt before. It warms my heart, my soul and my mind.

The ground is grassy and a cool feeling to my bare feet. It’s not that pointy grass but the soft cool grass. (Insert Your favorite Sensual Melody, preferably a harp or a violin) I’m running, twirling, and dancing ; my natural soft curls are bouncing and I’m wearing a soft flowing white dress. There is a sense of peace over me as the smile on my face, remains soft.

The air feel crisp, and smells fresh almost like fresh linen. As I run butterflies surround me; one gently lands on my hands as if it’s whispering soft melodies to me. The sounds of a water fall fades in the background.

I’m free; Unchained; Unbound; Careless; At Peace while waiting.

I wonder if this is what it’s like to be in the Garden of Eden or perhaps near the streams of living water. For the time being I’d Like to think that I’m in the Meadows.

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