Breaking the News

My first article is about the golden age of graffiti displayed on the side of subway trains in New York. I think this is important as graffiti is such an understated and often underappreciated form of urban art and this article displays that very effectively.

The design collective Hipgnosis including such designers as Storm Thorgerson, Aubrey Powell and Peter Christopherson were extremely prominent during the 70’s due to their distinctive and capturing album cover artwork and it is interesting how these covers are still influencing the designs of today. Take a look for yourself.

The decade that I think was the richest in design and creativity in the 20th was the 60’s. There was so much new forms of art in Graphic Design, fashion and mostly prominently in music. I thought that these articles were very interesting as the whole psychedelic scene is something that interests me and inspires me.

Playing cards are such an old concept now with the idea stemming all the way back to the 9th century AD in China. The face cards can present an opportunity to create a very different and stylised work and I think that this article shows a very new and interesting interpretation of the age old device.