guilt guilt guilty

Guilt, Guilt, Guilty

“I just need to see that you love me”

Guilt, guilt, guilty!

“I got you some dinner tonight. I know you have a long night ahead of you…I even got you a side of mac and cheese”


“How dare she…how dare she not know how to love me!


“I’m tired of not being good enough for you…you know I’m just such a confused person, how dare you even expect that I could treat you well and be a good friend to you”


“I’m just so young. I never know what I want. But what I do know is that my favorite pastime is repressing my emotions so bad, I fuck up all my intimate relationships! So sorry you got the brunt of that this time. I hope we can still have casual sex after this”

Not guilty.

“What happened last summer?”

I tell you about the summer again. The similarities make you…uneasy. The differences relieve you of any responsibility. You’re different. I’ll never see you that way.

“Yeah, I won’t do that to you,” he said confidently.

“Am I a rebound?” he said timidly.

“I just don’t want to hurt you” he said apprehensively.

“I really like you” he said breathlessly.

Guilty, guilt, guilt, guilty

“Well yeah, of course I don’t want to see you” he scoffed.

“Of course I like being around you” he admitted.

“I can’t face all these legitimate emotions” he wavered.

“I’ll try to make more of an effort. I really do want to be friends” he


I’m so worried about her. I know she’s in such a



-I don’t want to get in the middle of this. I would actually like very much to stand by her side, if that’s okay…she probably (whispers) needs it more than you do. You’re strong like a villain.

-it’s okay if she wants to talk about it. She feels so alone these days.

-But hey, have you listened to this album? I really value your opinion on this cultural piece! I hope you understand this is just me trying to maintain that we are still intimate friends! I really do value you.

-do you think maybe you could be friends with her again?

-do you think maybe you could go back to the way things were?

-we’ve never talked about this, but I’m sure it could be easily done!

-it would just be a favor for me…I’m worried about her! Can’t you see???

-you’ve tried that?


It seems you’re still

Guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty

On the phone with my mom,

“Why do you give yourself away so easily?”

“You love so much! Why give that to just anyone?”

“They can’t appreciate you” (coo coo) “They could never give you that amount of love baby girl”

“You are so

Strong and sure no one

Your age is supposed to be

Like this. Why are you

Surprised when you give

A soul and you get back

A reaper…”

My mother doesn’t understand…all of that still makes me




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