Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much
Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

In life, we always meet new people each and every time. Relationships are made to be there and as it is said human beings are social beings. The fact that we are social beings when we meet new people we always interact and get to know them as time goes on. Though some scholars have been doing research and trying to categorize human beings according to their social factor the truth is each of us is a social being. There are those who don't talk much naturally, others are very talkative while the other group will talk but only when they know the person they are talking to better. All these groups interact with each other each and every day in life.

When we come to work, we work with different people. This runs from the boss, manager, co-worker, and even other friends at the workplace. Sometimes, we meet people who irritate us by their behavior, other times we meet good and nice people whom we refer to as cool people. Now when it comes to the job, sometimes it doesn't matter how people are what matters is how we present ourselves before them or how we take them.

I want to tell a story about my internship. When I was in the internship, I had this workmate who was in a way annoying. He would carry laptops at home claiming that he will fix them the next day but the next day would turn to be a week or even two. For some reason, I used to hate that. I had not been around such a person. I kept thinking what if one day he goes with a laptop which I had given him because I used to consult him when I was faced with a huge problem which I couldn't solve by myself. After several weeks, my supervisor called me and told me that that guy was like that and he could not change. When I went home I thought the problem was not him but the problem was me, how I took him. I decided to change and work with him the way he is. By doing this, he ended up being my friend.

When I got to Andela, I found that they encourage team works and they encourage people to work in groups. By this time I had learned to be in a group and I had learned the importance of group work. Many companies nowadays use groups and people work in groups. At Andela, I met several friends. In this blog post, I will talk about three of them and my Learning Facilitator Assistance. The first person I want to talk about is Paul Vitalis. Paul is this funny guy who will become your friend the first day you talk to him. He likes helping out people and he is a fast learner. The first day I met Paul is when we were given groups. So far, I have worked with him throughout the two challenges. He has been helping me out to make my tests pass. From the first day, Paul and I agreed to go through this challenge together. It has been good meeting a person like him.

The other person I cannot forget to talk about is Diana our group leader. Diana is a very interesting person in such that she is always willing to help. I met Diana when we were grouped together. She willingly chose to become our group leader. Though Diana was the only lady in our group, she was very active and served us perfectly. She would do follow-ups on each and every one of us. Diana made our group nice and interactive. I felt I was in the right group with the right leader. I remember seeing her the first time and thinking how we shall be able to work with her. I thought she was quiet and that she would not talk to us much. I finally came to realize she was quite opposite of what I thought.

The last person I would like to talk about is Steve. I like Steve because he is hardworking and he doesn't give up easily. He believes that he can do anything that any other person can do. He has this positive power that keeps him working and going each and every day. When I knew Steve, I realized that he is a serious person who will take things very seriously. I think it is nice working with Steve.

The last person I would like to talk about is my LFA. He is Paul. The first day I saw Paul I thought, he seems to be a nice person. This was even before I spoke to him. When I started talking to him I realized I was right. Paul is very helpful and wants us as a group to collaborate and work together. He likes when we make our group active and sharing our problems as a group. One thing about Paul is that he is ever willing to help and when you ask him a question he will help out.

All the group members are helpful and even the entire boot camp 33 members are awesome and helpful.