Midterm Project: Metropolitan Museum

I went to the museum last Friday, June 10, 2016. On the Tapas exhibit, it is evident that the process of how the food was cooked mattered, including its presentation. They were fancy. There, I saw different cooking materials, an example is a modern grill. Sweets and wine were also part of their culture. On the Bodegones exhibit, I saw the spanish influence on the Filipino’s way of doing kitchen pictures. In Filipino culture, I can say we are not fancy. We use our hands in eating. We take longer time to prepare food because we would usually use raw ingredients in cooking instead of using preservatives. Regarding pictures and artworks, the Filipino kitchen pictures were modernized, even having abstract paintings and even 3D-like works. I made a list of artworks that I enjoyed and figure a meaning to. It was supposed to be five but I wanted more which had more of an impact to myself: Animism by John Frank Sabado Itak sa puso ni Mang Juan by Antipas Delotavo Carnivored on session road by Santiago Bose The sacrifice: rodel tapaya Displaced earth: climate refugees of the phil. By veejay Villafranca From the series: marked: ghe gangs of baseco by Veejay Villafranca Heavent Sent by Arturo Sanchez Barricads by Vermont Coronel Cover of Pilipino Komiks by Fransisco Coching These artworks on the list made a very different impact to me that it showed life, history, and meaning inside a frame. When I thought art was just color, splashed into a piece of paper, these arts conveyed more than that. It explained every bit of struggle of a human being. It showed struggle in each artist. The artist wanted to send different messages of themselves with the use of a paper and a paint brush. As if it was speaking to the audience without using any words but with the use of colors and styles. It showed uniqueness in each individual artist. Met Museum differed from National Museum when it comes to having meaningful artworks. Most works at the National Museum consisted of works from famous people during their time, portraits of people, the everyday lives of the people, and places. The Met Museum consisted of works from artists not really well-known, but had very disturbing thoughts. At first, the museum seemed uninteresting for me, but after visiting the entirety of the works, I can say that the works were fantastic. Not only did they showcase how art evolved through time here in the Philippines and how it changed along with our culture, but it also showcased the different mind-boggling creativity of the Filipino people. It is disappointing that we were not allowed to take photos in the Philippine contemporary exhibit because most of the works there really took my attention. It took me quite some time to understand what the artists want to say.