Yes, JCorrelate expects JTL Recording Log in an XML format. Below is a sample log that was exported from JMeter.

Please configure the View Results Tree element in JMeter to get JTL Recording Log in the expected XML format. Below is the configuration for your reference.

Ever since the dawn of Performance Testing, we have been trying to minimize the time taken to enhance performance test scripts. Many tools in the market have implemented Correlation/Framework rules to accomplish this. However, they are missing a simple but important feature i.e. Prioritizing the correlation rules.

We believe that a parameter which appears within another parameter (i.e. kind of a sub parameter) should be prioritized later during auto-correlation.

Let us discuss this with a real-world scenario. Consider that we have the below 2 parameters that needs to be correlated.

Parameter-1 Name : DocIdentifier Parameter-1 Value : APX258G5TM65 Regular Expression…

Correlation rules for JCorrelate can be obtained from JPort. However there is an easy way of generating the rules file on our own and JCorrelate is capable of consuming the same without any issues

A correlation rules file contains a the correlation rule name in one line and the regular expression in the very next line. The regular expression should have the left and the right boundaries of the value to be captured. There is no limit on the number of rules a correlation file can contain. …

Anand Govindasamy

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