[Review] The Magicians : The Series
Alex Edwards

Very well said. The age bump is not settling well with me either. And Julia — how dare they. The girl was the Dark Genius, and now I’m worried she’s just the lucky, cute smart-ass who avoided rape, something they could’ve left out of the plot. Though I am actually excited that they’ve advanced through much of the First Year at Brakebills material — I think the show is more likely to pick up second and third seasons if we make it to Fillory at an accelerated rate. And timing wise, I more so thought each season would (roughly) cover a book, a la Game of Thrones. Three or Four Seasons is enough for me.

Introducing the Beast in episode 1 was a bit much, but TV watchers (who haven’t/won’t read the books) are fickle and probably need the FLASHY FIREWORK fantasy in order to stay tuned in. I do wonder what they’re thinking by killing off a certain character (IF so-and-so died, that is, it was a little unclear) who is very much alive in the books.

Cautiously excited as well. Thank you for writing this!

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