Opening to Love

OR — How to Heal a Heart Chakra

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Anahata — Heart

{To Love}

Within your chest lies both your physical and spiritual heart.

The heart chakra shines a brilliant green in order to light the path before you. And the breeze from the clouds will carry you along. Love and relationships take center stage as an energetic emphasis is placed on how you treat yourself and others.

To open your heart you must first love yourself. An abundance of that loving energy will then be free to encircle those closest to you. The goal of the heart chakra is to develop a loving capacity for all life.

As the fourth chakra resides within the chest cavity, it releases the energy needed to keep that region of the body in good health. This includes the heart, blood, circulatory system, arteries, lungs, breasts, thymus gland, and arms.

Difficulties related to these areas of the body would signify an energetic imbalance. Asthma and allergies are two common ailments connected to the heart chakra. Pain in the upper back or shoulders is another symptom.

Larger issues of dysfunction regarding the heart, lungs, or breasts may constitute a severe imbalance and should be taken seriously.

The heart chakra should be filled with loving energy. Understanding oneself — from the lower chakra work — leads you to empathize for all humankind. Those perceptive feelings will open up the heart and give it the warm energy it needs to thrive. Compassion, peace, and stable relationships are good indicators of an abundant energy flow within the fourth chakra.

A lack of compassion can create powerful negative flows of energy instead.

An imbalance within the heart is characterized by strong currents of anger or fear. This energy will eventually build up unnecessary emotional boundaries. An insensitive, critical nature then develops. Other behaviors associated with an imbalanced, or closed, heart chakra are codependency, violent outbursts, social isolation, and general narcissism.

Depression and addictions are signs of a severe energetic imbalance.

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How to Heal the Heart Chakra-


• Spend time in nature

• Eat fresh green salads and vegetables

• Cook dinner for a loved one

• Call someone, send postcards

• Hug a loved one — or hold their hand

• Read poetry, or watch a comedy

• Practice daily gratitude

• Create a photo collage of those you love

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• Try pranayama breathing exercises

• Meditate or delve into self-discovery

• Develop proper physical and emotional boundaries

• Build a spiritual family

• Adopt of pet

• Receive therapeutic massage

• Forgive others — and yourself

• Apologize

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