Developer at Google Summer of Code ’18 with Inria Foundation (SOFA and Pulse)

Project Description

What the project was?

Why this project?


  1. Integrating the Pulse API library into the SOFA code base which was to be done using the concept of Superbuilds (which Pulse uses)
  2. Generating simulated data through recursion and rendering it to the GUI


Initial discourse and laying out the objectives

First objectives and issues

Building the plugin and further discourse

Generating results from the built plugin

Simulation for Airway Obstruction
Simulation for Asthma

Targets to be achieved

  1. More conditions are to be added over which simulation will occur. Most of these conditions have to be specific to the organs which is being modeled by SOFA.
  2. The GUI aspect of the project is still to be worked on. This part basically entails synchronizing the time step of both the libraries and rendering the physical model along with the parameters received.

Link to the work done

  1. Submitted proposal
  2. Github repository of the project



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