“Hell is others selfies”

Hell is others selfie and what Nicholas Carr tweets brings up a very relatable quote that has only arisen recently especially with media sharing, and exposing our lives. What Nicholas Carr means with this thesis is that as we see other people’s selfies we are put in an uncomfortable state with ourselves. What I mean with this is when people on social media put up pictures and more often selfies, they are showing off themselves and their activities.


When people who are unhappy with themselves or even just content with their activities, and we see these people having fun or looking better than ourselves, we feel upset and envy. Creating a kind of hell. We are jealous of them and what they are doing with their lives. But in reality it is our own fault. We are sitting behind these computers stalking outer people and living their lives instead of our own. If we only get out and be with friends, just even put in some effort to making our lives fun and active we would be happier. And for once instead of thinking about what our life could have been as these other people, we can talk about how others are missing out on your fun.

Feeling bad about ourselves when looking at other people’s selfies isn’t going to help us become better people but instead we should use his as motivation to make ourselves happier and more accepting of our lifestyle.

This is just an example of a photo that when we look at it we may be ashamed of our looks and lifestyle. 😀

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