1st) David Villier — Third Eye

2nd) Ricky Roy — Recognition of Sanctuary

3rd) Andrew ‘Tre’ Bloom — Taz Junior


1st) Deanna Croaker — Turtle Quilt

2nd) Savannah Pemberton — Moccasins


1st) Samantha Jugasek — Chipmunk

2nd) Deanna Croaker — Fishing Picture, Mission Bridge

By: Andrew “Tre” Bloom


I Rock Numbers On My Back & So Do You..

Should I Be Proud? To Be A Replica Of You..

Everything About Me Is Like You, I Don’t Know Where To Begin..

Those Foot Steps You Left, That’s The Only Place I Really Fit In..

It Hurts Emotionally That We Are Locked Up Miles Apart..

You Not Being In My Life, Tore A Hole In My Already Shattered Heart..

I Became Very Unsure Of Myself, Not Having A Father To Go To & Ask For Help..

Becoming A Dad & Not Being Responsible For…

Use this format in whatever order you should choose. I developed the information in a linear fashion but Designed this publication in a way where readers can jump to different sections queued by images that reference sections positioned above or below but can make sense read independently of each other. Check out the links where your interest takes you and draw from it what you will. Enjoy! But for indexing the formatting is:

Article Background and Interpretation


Examples as a Potential Place to Go

Early cover to N. Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death

Richard Marbeck states that Diana George’s conception of a Visual Pedagogy, “misses the opportunity to discuss design of visual artifacts as an activity distinct from the design…

An outsider journalist and an independent artist who has formed her own collective label correspond in attempts to build a framework to meet their needs and expose the shortcomings of attempts at universal structuring.

Can we break down the process into 5 steps (inventory, establish, chunk, draw and analyze)? It seems that corporate newspapers and postings of local events use this form in web writing. This assumes that there exists first a pile of content that is complete with only a need for organization. …

Charles de Gaulle Airport Escalators

Bernstein’s analogies give clues to the limits of structure and a place from which to critique the sheen that appears on the printed page in Hot Text! by Jonathon and Lisa Price. The couple seems to have sterilized the creative aspects of web writing. The full title goes on with Web Writing that Works. Whereas work might imply function it seems to focus on capitalizing on the $$$ of work than the content entailed therein.

Casey Jones picked up C.C. in Union City, TN with 213 grainer cars from Illinois Central Railroad pulling coal from Kentucky. C.C. had gotten done with a 67-town season with the Barnum circus crew. Barnum’s had been taking whatever help they could have. Circuses were declining in popularity at the turn of the 20th century and with dwindling profits came lower requirements for recruitment. …


The depth of the content and breadth of the meaning has as much to do with the length of the posting as the exhaustion of a particular topic.

The discussion between normative length raises questions as to: Is the greatest novel also the longest (think War and Peace) or the one that has the most to say (possibly Steinbeck’s Pearl, Tortilla Flat or something of similar length)? Are all posts supposed to focus on being succinct? Is brevity desirable? Can the meaning of life be explored through much depth by a meme?

I have a hard time looking at…

My name is Joel. I am a Leo who likes long walks on the beach/frozen waterway with a canine companion. I’m a sucker for beat poetry, bop jazz and paperback westerns. I easily get sidetracked when dealing with an online medium finding myself revisiting lists that pointlessly rank things I care not for paying in money or time to visit or experience. Sometimes a good day is one void of memes. I have however through the internet amassed a wealth of unemployable information from forest area by state in the US to comparative religion and what brands of cigarettes trended…

life, i understand, is like a river

now this river can be real mean

it can also be real nice

it won’t do you no harm

you just gotta handle it right

now this river i’m trying to run down to you about

has got no beginning

it’s got no end

flow on and on

just like it’ll never end

right down here by the river bed

that’s where we’re all at

wondering which way to go

Joel V

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