Girls like Cardi B

Cardi B

When we were kids, girls like Cardi B looked out for me. Of course I was a sensitive little kid and they took me in like a little brother. I got to hear their thoughts about niggas who played hypermasculine games. Girls like Cardi B were smarter than everybody. In middle schools, girls like Cardi B trusted me with their vulnerability. They let me see softness in them that they rarely showed teachers and young-hard-legs. There were a few girls at Tuskegee Institute Middle School who had reputations for being “hard”. They stayed clique-tight too and would jump yo ass quick. But on the steps leading out to field, they laid their heads on my shoulder when no one was around. We would talk on the phone occasionally (before their hard-leg brother interrupted with “Who this? Oh, Joey Cook? Wassup lil nigga. You good, just trying to see who my lil sister talking to. You good, my nigga. Here she go,” and hand the phone back to her).

Girls like Cardi B would tell me who their crushes were and sometimes they liked the quiet boys in class, sometimes they liked the popular boys. Sometimes I was in a mutually secret relationship with girls like Cardi B. Secret because I knew I was gone get joked on for going with hard-leg girls like Cardi B and they wanted to keep it secret because they knew they were gone get joked on for dating a soft, “good dude” like me. Sometimes I told girls like Cardi B my crushes on the popular girls and girls like Cardi B would say, “Eww her? She act like she all that, but her breath be stank.” or “She be acting boojie and like she got money, but they live right by Howard Rd — they don’t stay round no lake.”

In college, girls like Cardi B still confided in me. Of course girls like Cardi B start blossoming to the “cool lil chick who always wearing J’s and got a nice lil duke”. Girls like Cardi B told me all the secrets bout all the “that nigga” on campus. I knew who cried after sex, who had a little dick, who had wack sex, who pretended like they was dumb but was secretly super smart, who was secretly gay, who was broke, who had money, who be getting girls drunk on purpose, who be drugging girls for sex, what professors be trying to fuck, what professors have paid for abortions because they didn’t want to get fired, what professors got weed. Girls like Cardi B would come chill in my dorm room and we’d laugh and joke, watch torrented movies, and we’d share like one kiss, and she’d tell me, “Aight nigga. Don’t get carried away. You still ain’t shit,” and then we’d walk to McDonald’s and share a large fry. Sometimes girls like Cardi B don’t live a good life because of niggas who preyed on them. Sometimes girls like Cardi B get their Bachelor’s and sometimes their Master’s and be living a better life than most of the niggas who preyed on them. Sometimes girls like Cardi B don’t go to college and still live a better life than niggas who preyed on them.

Girls like Cardi B have always been my friends and I trust them with my life. If you don’t like Cardi B, you ain’t living your best life probably.