To the Anti-Obama Comments in YouTube Clips of Cable News Segments

Listen, I understand if you don’t like Obama. That’s your right. It is also your right to post arguments that detail your views on Obama. Arguably, it is a civic duty to engage each other in political discourse, and push each other towards whatever laws or policies we feel will most benefit American society. I have no qualm with what you do on the comments section of YouTube cable TV clips.

But the way you trying to take him down is one makes you look foolish.

Anyone who takes two minutes to consult Wikipedia is going to find out that Bush declared Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, not Obama. They will also find that Bush, not Obama, initiated the bailout. You’ll also find that Obama in fact deported a lot of illegal immigrants, killed many suspects in the War on Terror, and that healthcare costs started spiralling upward well before he took office. Those are basic facts that anyone can verify. You will not convince serious people to dislike Obama if you are getting very basic, verifiable facts wrong. People will assume that you are faking knowledge.

If you want to make sensible pro-Republican arguments, you can defend Bush by saying that the wars were necessary to contain terrorism, and you can say that the Wall Street bailout prevented a total collapse of the US economy. If you want to attack Obama on policies that he actually implemented, you are more on point by attacking the GM bailout, the Stimulus, Obamacare, Dodd-Frank (financial regulation), or something like that. I don’t really understand the anger about the “reset” with Russia, Benghazi, or the “red line” in Syria, but those are way better leads than “Obama started the wars and bailed out Wall Street.” Build your case around things that he actually did. From that point of departure, there are sensible, smart arguments that can be used to portray Obama as having ruined the economy, US society, or America’s international standing.

I might not agree with you. That’s fine. Maybe I don’t know anything. Maybe I’m wrong. Go ahead and fight Obama. Do your best to ensure that people remember him in a way that makes it less likely to have another President like him. That’s your right. Just make arguments that don’t get basic facts so wrong.

A last point, if you somehow stop caring about foreign wars and the Wall Street bailout, and start becoming angry about things like Obamacare or Dodd-Frank, it might be that you just don’t like Obama. Why dress it up in a bunch of fake policy arguments? Just say you don’t like him.