know your rights

Being aware of what is going on around you and being aware of your rights can help you out tremendously some day. Recently a story came out of a man getting pulled over by a police officer. The man felt the need to film the interaction on his phone. The officer then got angry and told the man to stop recording and that he was not aloud to be taping. Little did the officer know that the driver was an attorney and knew he had the right to tape the whole conversation. The cop then proceeded to tell the man that there was a new law and that if he didn’t stop taping that he could arrest the man and take him to jail. The attorney never had charges pressed against him and was later let go. This situation was not that serious but in a more intense situation everyone should know that in 38 states they have the right to film a police interaction as long as it does not interfere with police operations. With all of the frightening stories in the news about police brutality it should seem imperative that you read up and become educated enough on your rights as a human being. No one deserves to have their natural rights taken away from them in any point in time and by any person, even police officers. Just like regular people, you never know what kind of officer you might encounter that day. But by being able to recite your rights you might just be able to get yourself out of unwanted and unwarranted trouble.

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