Schooling from the P.O.V. of a college freshman

The whole point of school is what? In pre-school it’s to learn the basics of pretty much being a decent human being. In kindergarten they start to teach you how to read and write. And the rest of elementary school they pretty much keep going, adding in a little social studies and science, subjects like that. Then in middle school its the same subjects with maybe a computer science and other courses like art. But as you keep going up the grade level and succeeding in school they start getting harder with math and more complex in science. Until you're in high school doing logarithms and you have no idea why and what for. I mean yeah I guess some high intensity math may help some people at a point in their life but for others probably not. So to me and a lot of others, the whole point of school is to become educated enough to eventually lead you down a career path. In high school they expect you to know or at least have an idea with what you want to do in your life even though adults still treat you like children. So pretty much you go to school for 16 years of your life, probably more, so you can go straight into working for the rest of your life. And once you go into college they want you to decide on a major but make you take all of these basic classes the first couple years before you get to real career classes. So what happens if you get past those years and find out you don’t like that major and it’s not what you expected? you either change major and could have potentially wasted all that time and money or you suck it up and risk doing something that’s not your passion for the rest of your life. Also when you turn 18 most people move out and go to college or go right into the job force. Since we technically are adults now we need to know how to do adult things. We most likely won’t have our parents there all the time to help us with every little thing so we need to learn how to do real life things. Instead of learning geometry we should learn how to balance a checkbook, pay bills, learn how to look for jobs and places to live. Those are the things they should prepare us for in high school instead of pointless things that we’ll most likely forget by the time the next year rolls around. I just think there are so many more valuable things that we could be learning about before we come to the harsh realization that sometimes you need to do things on your own. Standardized testing is another thing. We shouldn’t be teaching to past a test, we should be testing to actually learn it and to get students more interested in the curriculum. Intelligence comes in all different kinds of ways so if you get a bad score on the ACT or SAT and want to apply to colleges they might not be able to see past that test score. They are however trying out different kinds of tests but I'm not sure if any seem to be working. I think we need to fix the kinks in the school system and make sure kids are actually prepared for life and not running into it blind thinking logarithms and geometry will help them in everyday life.

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