The reality of fake news

Ever since I first started going on the internet when I was little my Dad would always remind me, “Not everything you see on the internet is true.” I cant count how many times I've told my family something absolutely ridiculous that I read off some website. All my dad did was look at me and sarcastically ask, “So everything you read on the internet is true?” Almost like he quizzing me. Now every time I read something on the internet I’ll always question it. I feel as though fake news has always been around and not even necessarily with people knowing that they are putting fake news out there. I believe some people think they have the right story but really it’s completely different. Don’t get me wrong I know some people are into the spread of fake news for the money but it is a pretty much fail proof industry. Even if you write articles that to you are obviously not true someone out there is going to believe it, thus spreading the circulation of fake news even further. Every time I go on twitter or really any social media there are almost endless amounts of fake news articles. Its hard because you need to learn what to look for in a real article or a fake article. Sometimes you don’t know what to believe. But luckily social media sights like Facebook are starting to try and control the spread of fake news. By doing this I think that other social media sights will also jump on the bandwagon to try and control these false stories. But I feel that if we really wanted to see a decrease in fake news we all need to take a part in it. So please, if you see something that seems like it doesn't quite add up or seems so ridiculously crazy always remember that not everything you see on the internet is true. Always read the comments, read more into or try to go fact check it before retweeting, reposting or blogging about it. It’s going to be a lot of work but if we want to stop the spread of fake news everyone needs to start being more aware of what they re-posting on their timelines.

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