jNet1 issued own cryptocurrency

jnet1.co — special ICO-website of jNet1

Dear partners!

The jewelry business network jNet1 has embarked on the implementation of Blockchan technology on its platform, which will allow to make a breakthrough on the conservative jewelry market. Having rethought our development and experience, we came to the conclusion that the most promising way to realize our plans is to conduct ICO (Initial Coin Offering), that is, the release of digital assets (tokens) that are sold to investors and the target audience of the project. Thus, a start-up can finance the further development of its product, and users receive an asset traded on the market, the price change of which is associated with the development of the company’s business.

So, one of the new services (CROWD.jNet1) will allow you to attract investors from all over the world to realize your ideas, projects and technologies through crypto currency (Bitcoin, jNetCoin and others).

Now the company jNet1 is at the stage of pre-ICO, when investors get the opportunity to purchase tokens on privileged terms with a huge discount of 90% of the nominal value. At the next stage — ICO — tokens will be put into circulation with a discount of only 50%, which means that investors of the preliminary stage can profit from the realization of the tokens. Hurry, the offer is limited! To implement these plans, we have a special website: jnet1.co — where you can get acquainted with plans for platform development, jNetCoin commissioning, ways of purchasing tokens and their realization and our vision of the future, set out in a separate document (White paper), and on the site as a whole.


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