This will change the jewelry industry

Any new developments such as new collections, production technologies or new methods of sales and promotion, are extremely necessary for the jewelry industry. Without such a development, there will certainly be a pull back, we are seeing now. There is a decline in global demand for jewelry. Uniqueness and value of the master’s work are lost. And most importantly, the artistic value is leveled, without which the jewelry can be equated to the price of gold scrap and the wholesale price of a «small pebble» worth 0.04 dollar. For a real master, it’s like a death. But those things can be changed, and we know how to do it.

Crowd-investing as a method of raising funds for a project that is under development or an idea has experienced a boom in the countries of the West a few years ago. In this way, projects all over the world have managed to raise more than $ 3 billion. However, it has many shortcomings, such as complexity in registration, large commissions and localization of fund-raising.

Nowadays, when reading newspapers or online publications, one can see that many firms resort to such a method of financing a project as the ICO (Initial coin offering). A significant difference of this method is the possibility of expansion of your project all over the world, low transaction costs and complete transparency of the scheme. Only in the first 8 months of 2017, with the help of raising funds for the project, over $ 1.7 billion was attracted through the ICO, which indicates a great interest in this method both from investors and from business. Now a person can invest in you and your product, being anywhere in the world. Isn’t this the future? Isn’t this a global economy without borders?

Engaged in the jewelry business for more than 15 years, I have always faced the problem of shortage of working capital. And this problem is not only for small and medium-sized businesses, but also for the big business. Having received credit funds, jewelry companies, in order to avoid increased risks, use those assets to increase the output of mass production, since obligations to creditors are serious responsibilities with pledge obligations. Investments in so-called «risky» projects in such conditions are almost impossible.

Jewelry is, above all, a luxury item, a unique item and a piece-production item. This is how from the depths of unrecorded time that the meaning of this work reached us. Now, on the contrary, jewelry «falls out» of a huge industrial machine absolutely not different from each other. This approach to the production of luxury goods put jewelry at risk of degeneration of artistry and led to a depreciation of the jewelry to the level of the value of gold and gemstones. And, the cost of work fluctuates near the level of 2 dollars! With such a «value» of the work of the jeweler, we get what we see on the shelves of jewelry stores, manufactured by dozen.

Therefore, our team was thinking of creation on the basis of the jNet1 project a crowd-investment service Crowd.jNet1, which will let create and bring to the world market new brands and jewelry collections, which the buyer who knows how to appreciate the artistry, the uniqueness and the art of execution is waiting for! The possibility of the project’s withdrawal to the ICO will let investors to invest in a promising project, and players of the international jewelry market to optimize their business processes and find partners all over the world.

New jewelry collections will be able to find their investor for realization; will let them to jointly make profits, to launch new directions and to create new production and promotion technologies. And most importantly — it will be jewelry that has not just a value of metals and gems, but also an artistic value and novelty — they will be unique.

At the moment, jNet1 is at the stage of pre-ICO — pre-sale of some number of tokens with a significant discount for the launch of the call. Despite the fact that the major buyers of tokens are large investors, there is no minimum threshold, so anyone can buy them at the DEX Waves exchange under the jNetCoin (JNT) ticket. Token received official confirmation from Waves, as well as high investment ratings from expert analytical ICO-agencies, in particular ICObench.

Dear friends! Come to our website, register and participate in the project and in the ICO. Welcome!

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