Cry Baby

One time in grade one I was really sick and my dad said I wasn’t allowed to go to school. I broke down when he told me that and wouldn’t stop crying. I always think back to that day and remember how much I loved school and how much I dreaded not going to school.

That happened today except it was work that I wasn’t allowed to go to; it was my mum who said it was forbidden for me to go; and it was my doctor that I cried in front of. God, I am one big (embarrassing) cry baby.

I don’t know why but I just really, really wanted to go and I ended up breaking down in the doctor’s office (once again, SO embarrassing. It was just one of those moments when I couldn’t keep it together).

But thinking back now I think its a pretty sweet moment because it indicated how much I actually like my job. When I first started out I was so anxious before every shift and I always freaked out and couldn’t sleep and it was horrible. But today, I actually wanted to go and hated the thought of not going. I would never have thought this day would come. Go me!

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