No action -How to domesticate Procrastination

Have you ever heard a friend or even yourself saying I have tried to quit alcohol for the past ten years. Each glass of beer is the last. This is procrastination at work.

I have 4 big ideas .so let me first define what procrastination is

First and foremost procrastination is the tendency to delay unpleasant but important acts. For

Example: Going to gym — writing thank you letter, writing a book. Guess what even New Year resolution won’t help.

Procrastination is pure idiotic because no project complete irony is that we are well aware that these tasks when completed, are highly profitable or beneficial.

So why do we keep pushing those projects in the Owen until we are burn out. Well the answer is pretty obvious: The environment — because our mood is not created by our consciousness, namely our mood is created by a shallow impulse of the environment that we don’t necessary notice.

Now how do we go about domesticating it and capitalize on it?

Well here are 4 big ideas to be implemented

— First and foremost since according to the best risk expert alive today Nassim Taleb “procrastination from our natural willpower via low motivation — the cure here is to change the environment or one’s profession by selecting one where — you do not have to fight with your impulse”. To be more clear your environment has be in alignment with your natural impulse rather than against it.

— Second have a deadline stipulated/set by an external authority or virtual authority that you respect and honour.

— Third, self-impose works also very well under the condition if the task is broken down in step by step, with each part assign its own due date

— The fourth big idea is to combine all the three previous big ideas.

When you all what is mentioned above- You experience we call the duty life, hence you are Magnificent.

By the magnificent acts to satisfy his duty — whereas the weak acts to satisfy his/her need

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