BootCamp Day 2

so day two started well we had to do some day one assignment in day two. one assignment from day 1 took me 3 hours to finish at that time i knew i will not be able to finish in time. so i texted my LFA and told him that i can’t finish both assignments in time.

as i was waiting for him to replay, ill be honest i was in lot of stress, i was think that oh boy you are done, i thought that he was going to tell me that, you know what Joseph if you cant do this simple tests in week one and finish them in time, i don’t think i can work with you, you know what just don’t bother coming in on Friday because am just going to send you back home.

but that did not happen this is what he told me, “Sure, do your best. Ideally tomorrow your speed should improve to show growth though”, those words motivated me so much, and i was very happy, and the rest of the day i was just smiling a lot.

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