I’m relatively new to the Medium app, but I’m hoping to work more regularly with it as I get comfortable with the process.

Several years ago I began a blog that focused on creating and executing competitive team building events for work and for charity. With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting us hard last year, I decided to pivot on my site to cover news stories that I felt were intriguing, educational, humorous, and sometimes dark.

On the blog, I’ve aggregated stories from the worlds of entertainment, sports, art, nature, books and more. I’ve also found many helpful how to’s and life hacks along the way that I felt I should share as well.

Although I’m grateful for those who visit the site, I’d love to know more about what changes I could make to accomplish that greater engagement.

With that in mind, I invite you to visit www.MOTEVENTURE.com, check it out and let me know your thoughts here on Medium.

Hope you have a moteventurous week!