Better Paper. Better Thinking.

This looks awesome! I’ve always like reading on my old school kindle because of the fact that I can’t get distracted, it’s lack of features has been a great benefit. Reading programming books has been lacking because of the screen size and the note taking and highlighting features are clunky and un-natural. This solves size and more natural reading experience with handwritten highlighting and margin notes.

The sketching and writing look great too and this looks like the most promising attempt to replicate the portability and feel of a sketchbook in digital form.

One thing concerns me though.

Will there be an option to backup somewhere other than the reMarkable cloud service?

I know it’s not the best scenario to think about, but say that the reMarkable hardware doesn’t do so well (unlikely, but let’s just say). What happens to the cloud service? As a customer who would most likely be happy with the hardware, I’d like to know that I can continue to use the hardware if something were to ever happen to the cloud service.

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