Project Three: Type & Hierarchy

Typeface Tracing:

Typographic Voice:

Georgia: The circle on the letter “i” makes the word really cute. It reinforces the meaning of purity as we often relate purity with cuteness.

Franklin Gothic: This is too thick for the word purity. As purity should not be something heavy and clumsy.

Calibri: This is the best representation of the word “purity”. There are no serifs around the letters, making the letters look clear and not decorative. This looks innocent and pure.

Bodoni 72: The distance between letters are too small. This makes the word looks too crowded.

Desdemona: This is a little too extravagant for the word “purity”. It is too cartoonic.

Typographic Hierarchy:

  1. Linespacing

2. Typographic weights

3. Horizontal shift or Indentation

4. Typographic weight & linespacing

5. Typographic weight & horizontal shift

6. Horizontal shift & linespacing

7. Size change & typographic weight

Type & Heirarchy

Garamond Research (Origins):

Designer: Claude Garamond

When: Since around 1910

Classification: Old style serif typeface

Specific Uses: printing body text and books

Identifying features: Small eye of the ‘e’ and the bowl of the a, which has a sharp hook upwards at top left. The ‘M’ is slightly splayed. The x-height (height of lower-case letters) is low, especially at larger sizes, making the capitals large relative to the lower case, while the top serifs on the ascenders of letters like ‘d’ have a downward slope and rise subtly above the cap height.

Garamond Poster


First Version:

I wanted to create a hierarchy in the poster, so I chose the ladder shape to emphasize that. However, even though I bolded the middle part of the text, that part does not seem to be stood out since there is too much text around it.

Second Version:

Since I like the idea of using vertical and horizontal lines to separate texts, I kept using the bolded and thin lines, and put the two pieces of texts about the typeface near the typeface itself as footnote. I also bolded the one piece that I thought was important and underlined some key words.

Third Version:

I realized that the footnotes are not that important so I made them even smaller. I also found that the Italian Garamond is really beautiful, so I chose Italian Garamond as the typeface for the footnote and picked one letter each from lowercase and uppercase to magnify the beauty of the typeface. I bolded the information I thought is important, similar to the one I did in second version, but also make other words even smaller.

Fourth Version: (Final Version):

I made some changes based on the third version. I felt that both “z” and “Q” are competing for attention even though both of them are really pretty. So I only kept “z” and put all the uppercase letters on the bottom. I also made “Q” larger, but not large enough that could change viewers’ attention on “z”.

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