Love is truth

By: Juan C. Niño

Sad sights stem steadily from the highest office

spewing hate from the pulpit, spreading lies.

If love is truth, deep are our troubles.
A glimpse of society reveals sheep
living in algorithmic bubbles.

Branded lies, mass distraction on the rise

greed is the credo, devour the weak

sharks feeding their ego.

It’s all filtered truths, lies disguised as real life

Humans used as instruments, children cry.

Love is lost, dreams are crushed.

It’s like we’re invisible, wait, are we?

all while the higher-ups are invincible.

If love is truth, deep are our troubles.

There’s a better way,

even as our struggles double,

even as hate brews and intolerance

loudly grumbles, be humble

be humble, go on, some of us will

pick you up when you stumble.