Can I first just say that I wholeheartedly respect what you are doing. It's (education reform) is something that has tends to have the wrong approach; it is focused too much on improving funding for schools that have the same piss-poor, conformative, curriculum and styles of teaching that is not conducive to the well-being of students and, as a latent effect, society as a whole.

I've noticed, as well, that the rhetoric of students needing to learn how to "adapt," or "cope" with the less than ideal (but can be improved or changed) aspects of schooling and socialization, has increased tremendously over the course of the pandemic. The ad hominem attack on people, especially young people (students) of "he/she is just weak and needs to learn how to adapt to the rigors of the curriculum and society," has always been around in America. It is incredibly close-minded, but is nonetheless, the product of an emotion-less, individualistic, status-quo upholding, culture.

I will check out more of your work (if you have any; I hope you do!)!

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