Be Kind, Love One Another…

My mother lived 72 years on two rules she tried so hard to not break. Be kind to everyone and love one another with all your heart. Her third rule was never let your enemy see you frown.

My love and I are soon to check out of this hotel in southern Georgia and hike to the Florida line which is only 25 miles away. We are excited to know it is 25 miles away but when you are using your feet as your way of travel it seems so far away. On our way to Florida, we have seen beautiful shooting stars, animals, the darkest of roads and met interesting people. We thought it would take us a month to get to Florida alone but it has only took us 4 fours due to the help of the few people that have helped us get here. We had one bad night but it caused us to learn lessons and lean on the Lord even more.

From help from a couple of very nice policemen from Monroe County, Ga. and Baker County, Ga, the walk has been brutal to humbling. I wish I could say it has been fun but I am hear to tell you that the movies you watch and the books you read about this sort of lifestyle will not and does not tell you how much your feet will burn from busted blisters and blisters that set on top of those blisters. You tube will not show you how people will not stop to help you. The travel blogs do not go into detail how cruel the road can be when the sun is baking your skin and your sweat is pouring all down your redden cheeks. Tim Mcgraw and Taylor Swift sings it best when they sing the highway don’t care.

So, why are we doing this? Because it’s a story we can tell our grandchildren one day. It’s a trip that has taught us some lessons we needed to learn. Lessons that have taught us about our faith, God, people, and life. Things we thought we knew…we now know on a higher level.

Before we walked out our front door of our comfortable home, my faith in God and trust in him had truly been a sore subject in my heart and mind. Now, my walk is closer with him because God has certainly showed up. It hasn’t showed up right when I wanted him too but he has showed up.

It’s almost 10:30 and it’s time to pack the rest of my pack and hit the road. It’s hot outside but Florida is only 25 miles away. I will update you when we get there.

In God’s Love,


A sunrise out of Baker County!
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