Drive By Wave…

For several years, I have always thought it was fascinating how people pack a backpack and hike the beautiful land of the free. I read books and watched movies about hiking, hitchhiking, meeting so many different people and seeing the world from your feet instead of the seat of a air conditioned comfortable car. I believed there were good people out there in this world and I wanted to meet them.

My son is now 21 years old. I am about to turn 40 years old. My son is grown and I am still young. Two years ago, I met the true love of my life. He is prior military and we keep each other strong. When I first shared my thoughts on a long term hiking trip, he really ignored me and would let it go from one ear and out the other. I don’t think he realized how serious I was. My heart craved to just experience it once.

When we think of our dreams and it burns desires in your soul. You begin to research on how to make that dream come true. You watch videos, you read books, you seek google, and you try to get yourself prepared to make that unicorn of a dream happen. You picture the joy if it and you fear the unknown. That’s how dreams come true. You make them happen. Then sometimes life forces them to happen.

It is currently August and this whole year for my love and I have been a struggle. It has been a downward spiral of life. It began with a loss of money, loss of transportation, and then the loss of my loves job. We felt defeated. Not only did we feel defeated but depression had set in for us both.

Than we sat on my mother in laws couch with one dollar and 45 cents in pennies in a zip lock bag. Eggs and bread had been our only source of nourishment and our small moments of laughter kept our hearts beating.

I had called the local churches in our area for any type of help but they refused and said they only helped their members. I guess they forgot the scriptures such as Proverbs 28:27 which says, “ He that giveth to the poor shall not lack; but he that hideth his eyes shall have many a curse. I guess they also forgot Proverbs 22:9 that also says, “ He that have a bountiful eye shall be blessed, for he giveth his bread to the poor. Those same churches would give us telephone numbers to local food banks but that did not help due to the fact that number one: we had no transportation and number two: to get help you had to have an appointment and the appointments were two weeks to one month out. What do you do in between? If it had not been my my love’s mother, we would have also been on the streets because lets face reality, the rent man don’t care of your hardships.

People still can assume that we got here on our own. That we caused this hole. This was nothing of what we wanted but it happened. How many times do you hear the question, “ are you one paycheck from being homeless?” Maybe they should ask, “ are you one paycheck from losing yourself?” No matter how we got to this situation, this is where we are. This is our reality!

What is more hurtful is that we don’t lie, steal, cheat or do drugs. We try so hard to be good people and do the right thing. Sadly, the people who DO lie, steal, cheat, and do drugs outweigh the few of us that try to work hard and do right.

All of the above then came a question we asked each other at the same time! What do we do next? Out of the hundreds of reasons why I love this man is one thing I must introduce you to. My love and I encourage each other. Even when we feel beat down in every way, we still seem to find a reason to encourage everything we still believe in. That is how we ended up hiking from North Georgia to the panhandle of Florida.

Yes, you read that right. We left home with nothing but a few clothes in our backpack, sixty dollars, a little bit of food, and our walking feet. It has been hard. No, it’s not been hard, it’s been brutal but it has also been a humbling lesson for myself. This is where I don’t want to sound so negative but once upon a time, I believed there were still good people in this world. I had faith that humanity would outweigh the selfish and unkind. It saddens me to find that it is clearly not what I thought.

Yes, it’s August and we chose this hike in the south’s heat wave but that’s okay because we have learned something.

The above picture was provided by pinterest.

The above picture is exactly what humanity has come too. The hike has been brutal and has caused me to be a little sick. We are thankful we were able to get a hotel room so I can write a little, hydrate, and tell you about how my love and I were in the heat yesterday for five hours begging anyone for a ride and how the thousands of cars that drove by only waved and ignored that I was throwing up from the heat and the blisters on my feet had popped. No one even asked if we were ok or needed anything. No one stopped. Macon, Georgia did not care nor did the people in Newton, Georgia care that two people were walking on a desolate road that ended up being 40 miles of nothing and it being 2 in the morning and we begged again for a ride. No one cared to ask if we needed anything. No one thought to ask when my love and I ran out of water and by the time help did come for us at 5 this morning, we ended up in the emergency room needing fluids because I was dehydrated and cramping in my stomach due to the dehydration. People are cruel and they are ok with simply driving by and waving. I admit I cussed every person that saw me waving my cars for help and passing us by. I admit I prayed something bad would happen to them eventually but I am sorry for feeling that way. I do however, pray that the people that passed us by and ignored our need will never need as my love and I have needed. If they do, I pray they are not ignored. I pray if you read this, that you do not ignore the needs of anyone.

We are currently one hour from the Florida-Georgia line. That is true success for us but through the success we do get to say we did it when it’s over. What’s next for us, I don’t know and he don’t know. But God knows. And just like he provided the few good people along our walk, he will provide tomorrow as he has yesterday and today. This hike has taught me more about God and people and I seem to still believe in both.