Big Basin Redwoods State Park

I am truly happy we chose to go hiking to this place, so far it’s the only place reminding me nature in my hometown in Slovakia.

Rare and bizarre way of a Slovak being born

Everything started because of recommendation from our US colleagues. Then all of a sudden we sit in 6 cars heading to the Big Basin. Yep, it was 30 of us going there, but let me rewind the story a little back.

The most challenging part of this trip was renting a car. We left early to the airport and also this part was pretty funny. The 6 of us ordered Uber XL, but Uber X came. Driver was a little confused, but as he was a chilled dude, he took us all. It was the longest way ever because 5 of us were packed on the back seat, lol.

I will never forget ideas whirring in my head after starting a car with automatic transmission. Shit, I thought we’re going to kill ourselves! At first I was using pedals wrong, I stepped on brakes with my left foot and almost knocked myself out as my head was suddenly close to steering wheel. But somehow I got used to it. Also scared faces of others were priceless. We made 2 rounds around airport because of failed navigation, but then we managed to get safely to our homes to pick up rest of our group.

Driving was actually nice, roads here are big, but there’s also many cars. I enjoyed curvy road in forest the most. Only 5 of the cars made it on time to the park. We began trail because there was no way to get in touch with last car (no network).

Some people got lost right in the beginning, but they found us later. Hike was pretty cool, sometimes steep uphill, other times downhill with passing small waterfalls. It took us all day to finish the trail.

Driving back was challenging as it was dark, I was tired and roads were quite full. I think this day was hard for all of the drivers, but it was worth it!

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