Hawaii trip — Big Island

This island seemed to me as the most tropical one and very suitable for exploring. Warm weather was usually accompanied by rain or mosquitoes…

Day 1

Island is quite big and car is a necessity here. It took us some time to reach Volcanoes National Park. You probably heard of Mauna Kea, the highest mountain on Earth (because most of it is underwater). There’s still evidence of last eruption which is visible the best from bird perspective. Other big volcano is Mauna Loa.

We visited Kilauea as a part of aforementioned park. We took the Crater Rim trail, which is partially closed due to safety reasons. It begins with sulfur vents which make breathing a little more difficult. It was really warm in this area.

At first we didn’t see anything interesting as it was very cloudy, but once the Sun showed up, we spotted dry lava in a huge crater. We were disappointed to not see hot lava, but there was still good chance because we saw smoke in the distance.

There were many people near Jaggar museum which as always meant something interesting is there. Yes, we finally laid our eyes upon small stream of hot lava in the smaller part of the crater. We’d like to go closer, but it’s understandable it’s not possible because of safety reasons.

By the way don’t read recommendations of Volcanoes National Park as they try to scare you a lot, but all hikes are short, safe and doable. I guess it’s more difficult in hot weather, but still don’t be afraid! :)

We booked our accommodation near to the park, so we went there and met homeowner. He was really good guy who recommended us to return to the lava lookout at night as it’s more visible. And we luckily listened to his advice. It was awesome, I would stay there all night long if it wasn’t so cold outside! Nature is great and it’s really unique experience to see active volcano even if from distance.

We finished this day in German-origin restaurant reading about owner’s life who exchanged life of successful celebrity make-up artist to live on Big Island and learning completely new skills of cooking and doing restaurant business.

Day 2

This day was mostly about traveling around the island. Our first destination were Rainbow Falls. Because of all the rain there was a lot of water rumbling down from above the natural volcano cave. We saw a rainbow for a few seconds as well.

I really enjoyed our next stop — tropical botanical garden. Lots of plants I can’t see at home and it felt like real jungle! Warm weather, humidity, occasional rain and mosquitoes! I took a lot of photos as I know my mother likes this kind of stuff.

Next stop were Akaka Falls which I saw only for a second as it was raining too heavily. We rather began our journey around northern side of Mauna Kea. Half of the time it was raining and flooding roads, but we managed to get safely back to airport.

This time we flew with very small airlines, but they were awesome (that’s a big thing to say from me as I hate airline companies). They moved us to sooner flight so we didn’t have to wait 2 more hours. It was a little shaky, but landing was very very smooth.

This is the end of our Hawaii trip. We spent one more night, but it’s not worth mentioning. We just bought some stuff, ate last banana and tired came home. Tired, but full of great memories!