Hawaii trip — Maui

Our journey began landing on this beautiful island. It was adventure since the first moment as our pilot descended so fast it lifted me from my seat and also made everybody screaming. For some reason we just laughed thinking these are our last moments :)

Day 1

From airport we went to the closest beach and we were amazed by warm sand, coconut and big waves coming from the ocean. Water was washing our feet and sometimes knees as well. It was great feeling!

Random coconut

We were hungry so we walked to restaurant in the mall near our hotel. Everything was closed as it was Thanksgiving and everybody was preparing for Black Friday (it’s a big deal here). But we found a place to eat. And this is the moment when we discovered our magic potion — guava juice! We usually drank this in the following days, it’s great.

We ended this day with planning for tomorrow, so let’s see what happened on Day 2!

Day 2

We got up early (4:30 am) as we needed time to get to Haleakala volcano to watch sunrise. We slowly proceeded in our car to the summit when something strange happened.

Imagine dark everywhere, silence only interrupted by rain when suddenly you hear very loud and clear “Mooo!”. At first we thought one of us has weird taste in choosing ringtone, but we soon realized somewhere in the dark is real cow!

We reached summit just in time to see wonderful sunrise. Lots of people there awaiting that moment shaking because of the cold wind. But it was worth it! You realize how small and humble you should feel when you see something that beautiful. It’s not like I watch sunrise in 10,023 ft (3,055 m) every day!

Next activity for us was snorkeling in Molokini crater which is mostly underwater and only 2.5 miles (4.0 km) far from Maui. Raft boat took us directly there and they gave us necessary gear and instructions.

It was awesome experience as I saw reef for the first time in my life! I was swimming among many different types of fish in the distance of my hand. How great is that? After some time it was tiring and I should practice snorkeling sooner as salty water in my mouth wasn’t very pleasant experience :)

On our way back from Molokini crater one lady spotted whales! Guys owning raft wanted us to have great experience, so they turned the boat and we went closer to look at humpback whales. It was very nice!

We decided to swim as we were near nice beach and weather was great (near our hotel it was always raining). It was very relaxing and we got finally suntanned too.

Near the beach there was a nice restaurant where we had something between lunch and dinner. In the evening we had to return the car and then we had some drinks and local beers in a bar.

We discussed our plans for Oahu for Day 3!