Hawaii trip — Oahu

If you have some idea of how Hawaii should look like, then it’s most probably very close to Oahu’s appearance.

Day 1

This time after safe landing and fast rental pickup we went straight to see USS Arizona memorial place in Pearl Harbor. I set navigation directly to the small island where ships are docked and almost got us to the military zone. Uups! Luckily guard was kind and told us correct directions.

We just took photos of the ships in the distance as all free tickets to USS Arizona were used and we didn’t want to spend lot of money. I get that this means a lot for US citizens as it’s part of their history. I admire how Americans value their past. But for us it was enough to visit free museum exhibition.

I really like how they show history from both points of view — U.S. and Japanese. Exhibition was done with soft touch and aimed to not favor one side. Well, maybe a little the U.S. side :)

Next we crossed Honolulu and visited Diamond Head crater. After small hike we reached the lookout and could see small lighthouse, Honolulu and mountains on the horizon.


In the evening we set out for a walk to Waikiki beach, which is very peaceful at this time. Our plan was to find us some dinner, streets were full of people and to find reasonably priced place serving something else than hamburgers was quite a challenge :)

I tried local fish — Big Eyed Tuna served on avocados and tomatoes. It looked good, tasted great and I’m on halfway to try sushi as this fish was half raw. I need to prepare my spoiled European stomach, right?

Day 2

We wanted to visit farmers market in the morning, but it’s not happening every day, so nope. Our main program was snorkeling in Hanauma bay, which turned out to be really great!

This time snorkeling was easier as I could just stand on the sand near reef and set my mask properly. Yeah, I finally figured out it was my mask causing problems, not snorkel! I saw different types of fish here then on Maui Molokini crater. These were more colorful and there was also this carnivore fish just chilling in the hole in the reef. Scary as hell :D

We relaxed a little on the beach and moved to the place really close to us. It was a short hike to lighthouse with amazing view on the ocean. Look at that blue color! I noticed it before on Maui that color of the ocean is very dark blue, the shade of blue I’ve never seen before in the nature.

This blue is still quite light compared to the dark blue in deeper waters

We had a lunch near Lanikai beach (burgers of course, burgers everywhere!) and then visited Byodo-In temple, replica of buddhist temple. This place really felt like it was just teleported here. It was very peaceful, quiet, calm, protected by the mountains and mist. Koi carps, black swan, turtle and peacocks found it’s home here.

Kosuke being great as always bought some food for fish and birds. Thanks to him we experienced birds feeding from our hand, amazing feeling! It’s a long time since I felt so close with the nature.

After this we returned our car and took the Hawaiian public transportation which is simply called The Bus. I felt very bored at our hotel so I went alone to Waikiki beach again just to sit there and listen to sounds of the ocean. It was very calming and I had time to think about millions of random things :)

At first I was alone there, but after some time other people came and suddenly it was many of us just relaxing in our own solitude (in a positive way!). I like moments like these — sitting somewhere, knowing there are people near me, but we’re all silent. I can imagine what’s their life path, but never actually talk to them.

Day 3

This day we planned just to enjoy ourselves. We went straight to Waikiki beach in the morning. Swimming was great, waves are funny and it’s great when it’s sunny! But being on Hawaii, weather is always changing, so every 10 minutes a few raindrops fell down from the sky.

At lunch I ordered also smoothie with pineapple, guava and mango, it was very refreshing! But I guess there was a lot of sugar and on this trip I lost my fight with sugar as it was almost impossible to avoid it. I’ll try my best now!

We did some shopping as well, I bought funny stupid little things for my family and friends back at home. I hope they’ll like it though :)

I felt I need to swim one more time on Waikiki as it might be my last time ever. So I went by myself before the sunset and met 2 cool guys from Australia. They were funny as they came to Hawaii to pick up girls and called me to join them in their “hunt”. No Slovak guy would ever call stranger to go pick up girls with him :D Australians seem like very friendly people and they told me their country is good for expats so I might think about that :)

In the evening me and Kosuke walked to groceries (1h roundtrip) and got the opportunity to see area around Waikiki. It was a little different, smaller restaurants, local people, scooter shops. It’s very difficult to buy something reasonable to eat when you’re traveling in the USA. Basically whole trip we survived on bananas and crackers. Bananas and crackers again and again and again…

We went to sleep early as we had flight soon next morning and our trip was more about exploring than girls (maybe next time, lol), although many of nice Asian girls were on Oahu.

Our last station is Big Island, get ready!

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