Ice-skating in San Jose

Idea of ice-skating popped up in my head before Cisco’s first cultural event — San Jose Sharks hockey game. I found out it’s possible to go ice-skating to Sharks ice-rink and they rent skates.

I was shocked that many interns were interested in this idea. I think it was approximately 15 of us on the rink on Thursday evening. We bought tickets, got skates on and almost killed ourselves.

Actually I was amazed how well everybody performed on ice, especially people who were standing on ice-skates for the first time in their life! I remembered how I was learning when I was young and they were far better than me :)

I won’t forget a feeling when I got on ice in San Jose for the first time. For me it was after 7–8 years of not visiting any ice rink. I thought I can’t ice-skate anymore! I fell 3 times, hurt my knee a little and also my hand. mostly because my skates had small cogs in front. I changed ice-skates for the hockey ones and suddenly everything was easier :D

I think everybody enjoyed their time on ice. They overcame their fears, learnt something new and we had fun together. For me this was great reset of a mind :)