Let’s go Sharks!

Our first cultural event organized by Cisco was San Jose Sharks hockey game against Arizona Coyotes. I bet it was really interesting for people who saw their first hockey game, but I also enjoyed it very much.

This match was still preseason, but surprisingly a lot of people were in the SAP arena. We sat near top, but we could see ice pretty good. We received Sharks bucks, so we could buy some food.

I’m used to have a beer when watching a hockey match, but as expected, beer was overpriced (11–12 $). I used my money to get some food, which helped me to get warmer. It’s pretty chilly in the arena.

Match itself wasn’t very good. Sharks made a lot of mistakes and bad passes, at first it didn’t look so well for them. They had more shots than Coyotes, but it seemed like coincidence. Also they didn’t use any powerplay to their advance. Luckily Sharks won 3:2 in overtime :)

Highlight of the match was fight between two players. It looked like many interns enjoyed this part and generally all physical contact between players. I guess that’s most interesting when you don’t know most of the hockey rules.

Cisco made possible for us to get to ice and take a group photo. We could walk on ice, see the big cube above us and enjoy low temperatures. It was hilarious how owner of the arena assigned 10 people to look after us and micromanage every step on ice :)

After the game some people went to bar and I wanted to go too, but we planned another visit of Flea market for next day, so I rather went to sleep. Still pretty good day :)