Mission Peak

Our first trip together was Mission Peak, hill near San Jose. We departed early because we heard it’s pretty hard to go up when the Sun is shining. Makes sense.

We used 2 Ubers to get there and one intern had local friends who took some of our people in their car. Hike trail began near meadow with black cows happily eating grass and minding their own business — such calm animals!

We then separated into 3 groups based on our tempo. For some people it was their first hike and I must say all of them made it to the top! I think that also all of them returned, but you never know for sure :)

Trail was actually just really dusty road in the middle of dry grassland. Some of the views were nice, we could see San Jose lying flat in front of us. After some time the Sun has risen and road was steeper, so we needed to think of something to distract us from this pain. We played game ‘truth, truth, lie’, I think I played it for the first time ever. Main idea is to tell 3 facts including one lie and other person must guess which one it is. Some of the people here are pretty good liars :D

Reaching top was great, others were waiting for us and we waited in line together to get our group photo (For you to believe us we were there!). View was nice, I could see some vineyard and lake.

Way down was easier and afterwards some of us went home and others went to fill their bellies with good food :)

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