Santa Cruz Fireworks

This weekend we again visited Santa Cruz because there were some celebrations. To be honest I don’t even know what that was about. I just knew I wanted to see fireworks and this trip was also part of the birthday surprise for one of the interns.

Thanks to one intern I could take a seat in his car and we went to Santa Cruz in the evening. We wanted to see the sunset, so we waited at the spot with good view to the Boardwalk.

Suddenly one guy came near us, obviously seeing we’re tourist, and asked us a few questions about us. He was local and he surprised me by his knowledge about Slovakia. He met some Slovak girl named Lenka before. It‘s funny how Slovakia is such tiny country, but you still can find small breadcrumbs as traces of Slovaks around the world :) Let’s hope we leave good impressions in people and maybe help to create better image about our country :) The guy’s name was Tom and he owned 18-years old parrot named Honey. I feel I should’ve mention that…

After this we joined group of interns which left San Jose earlier. We ate pizza together and wandered around the Main Beach. We were on the Boardwalk when fireworks started. I must say it was the most awesome fireworks I’ve ever seen!

I got a little sentimental after seeing that beautiful play of lights in the sky. I remembered all the New Year’s Eves spent with my family. I also remembered this event in Bratislava, Slovakia this year. It was one of my last events together with my friends in Slovakia and it was a good time listening to good music and drinking together. Sometimes I miss it :)

Travelling is great, it teaches you to appreciate what you had and what you have now!