Yosemite, Day 2

Our adventure continues, but only after we have breakfast! It was actually pretty good (but I forgot name of the food) and coffee helped a lot keeping me alive. Destination set — Bodie Ghost Town.

Road was empty and it was very comfortable driving until suddenly asphalt road ended. Dust road was in a terrible condition, so we went a few miles very , very slowly. Than first wooden buildings appeared and we knew we found the correct place :)

Bodie was a mining town where gold and silver was found. The town had it’s own bank, church, funeral home and I should mention saloon exactly like from Clint Eastwood’s western movies! Unfortunately saloon was closed, so no cold beer for me…

It was very pleasant for me to talk with lady in the museum as she told me a lot about this town and region as well. We talked about mining (they dug very deep here), Yosemite (how it was mapped and explored) and we made fun of difficult system of taxes in this country :D

Leaving Bodie was unforgettable! Peaks of Yosemite in the distance were majestic, snow looked like a cold crown on king’s head. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of it as I was a driver, but it stays in my mind.

We used the same road through Yosemite as the day before. We enjoyed views because passing mountains was quite slow. I really like how scenery of Yosemite is dramatically changing every few miles. From trees everywhere to steep rock hills or small trees and snow at the peaks.

Our next destination was Tunnel View in Yosemite Valley from which you can see the most famous peaks — El Capitan and Half Dome. Especially the latter is magical for me because of it’s unique appearance. I’d like to conquer this mountain once, but it seems to be very difficult hike. Let’s see what future brings!

After enjoying wonderful sights and taking photos of ourselves we began our ride back to San Jose. It was quite long and traffic jams slowed us down. Tired but full of nice memories we enjoyed the rest of our weekend at home :)