3 Benefits of Email Marketing for Your Business

Email marketing can take many forms: promotion of products or services, educational opportunities and even communication follow up with past or potential customers. Business of all sizes can find greater success once they implement email marketing, because it is not very expensive or time consuming, once everything is set up and ready to go. Here are three ways every business owner can benefit from implementing email marketing to their business strategies.

Personalization: When utilizing an email marketing tool, you are able to better personalize your marketing. You can include their name in the email or subject line. You can send them targeted content based on what they’ve told you they want to learn more about. You can create campaigns for certain segments of your business and send emails to people who would be most likely to purchase that item. This is a great way to build connections with customers and prospects so you can continue to grow your business.

Follow up: When someone signs up to receive your emails, they know who you are — or at least they have seen your company’s name before. Now that you have their contact information, you can start to follow up with them. Remind them of what you can offer, so that when they need your product or service, you are top of mind to earn their business.

The ability to follow up with customers can be especially useful in the case of abandoned carts — when someone adds items to their cart on your website, but doesn’t complete the purchase. You can use email marketing to remind them of what they were thinking about buying and even encourage them to hit “Purchase Now” with a discount code!

Measurement: As a business owner, it is important that you know what marketing strategies are working and what aren’t, so you can make changes to be successful. Email marketing is not only low cost, but it is easy to measure. Email marketing tools can give insight into how many people opened a message, where they clicked and how engaged they were with the content. This can let you know what they are most interested in, so you can make future messages stronger so more people will click and buy from you.

While email marketing isn’t the only marketing strategy small, mid-size and large companies use, it is one of the most cost-effective because it can be personalized, used to continually follow up with customers and the results are easily measured.

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B2B content + social media professional. nature lover. craft beer enthusiast.

B2B content + social media professional. nature lover. craft beer enthusiast.