3 Key Takeaways from the Social Media Strategies Summit

Last week, I was able to attend the Social Media Strategies Summit in Chicago. It’s a great conference where social media professionals are able to learn from some of the most innovative social marketers around. This year’s topics spanned influencers, advertising, content creation, data and more.

Key takeaway #1 — Influencers: Authentic influencers can truly help to amplify the brand. You don’t just want to throw money at influencers to get your name or product out there. You want influencers who really do love your brand, and will be able to share that passion with their audience. I heard this in a few sessions, but authentic influencers can even continue advocating for your brand after the official influencer relationship has ended.

Key takeaway #2 — Storytelling: There is so much content out there now that we should focus more on quality over quantity. You can maximize the content you are creating by making sure it is valuable, relevant and story driven. Only post if you have something relevant or important to say, because it will give value to your audience. Use real people with real stories whenever possible.

Key takeaway #3 — Employee Advocacy: Help employees create relationships in a meaningful way. Give them the tools they need to take their social skills to the next level through an employee advocacy program. They are some of your best resources in social marketing, and can generate huge engagement numbers compared to brand shared content. People crave that human connection, so use the humans you have to start developing relationships.

Bonus takeaway: This one has nothing to do with marketing, but was an important lesson to learn, nonetheless. Fleece-lined tights are so much better than normal tights. This AZ girl has never had to wear them in actual cold weather before — but rain and temps in the 30s made it so I got to experience some actual weather (away from the 90s and sun I’m used to!).

There were so many other great points and sessions that I took away a ton of great notes and information. It was a small conference, so I had the chance to connect with and learn from people around the country (and the world!).

If you’re looking for a digital marketing or social media conference to attend, they have another this fall in New York.

B2B content + social media professional. nature lover. craft beer enthusiast.

B2B content + social media professional. nature lover. craft beer enthusiast.