3 Steps to Turn Marketing Skills into a Side Business

Side hustles have grown in popularity, and when first getting started with a side business, it may seem daunting, scary and just plain impossible sometimes. But with set goals in mind, it can be achievable with some hard work and dedication. You can become a marketer part time, working on your own business after your full-time job, earning extra money for school, vacations or shopping sprees.

Know your skills

If you’ve worked in marketing, or taken some classes in school, you probably have enough skills to get started. You’ll learn as you go, too! Make a list of your skills. These may include copywriting, advertising, social media, SEO, graphic design or others. Write up a little bio about yourself and your skills to show people what you can do for them.

Market your skills

Once you’ve got your skills figured out (which is sometimes the hardest part!), it’s time to start marketing your own skills to get some clients for your side business! There are job boards online you can turn to, or you can reach out to business owners that you know in your community. Start conversations about how you can help and what you think you can do for their business.

Be your own boss

Once you’ve got some clients, you’re ready to be your own boss! As a side business, you’ll need time management skills, contract negotiation skills, marketing skills, and communication skills. You can continue learning more about marketing and about running a business as you encounter different opportunities and challenges.

No matter your goals for starting a side hustle or your skills, there is a place for you in the side hustle world. Everyone is marketing their own skill sets, so get started defining and working on your skills so one day you can have a successful side hustle and be your own boss!

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