Facebook Advertising Campaigns Can Help Achieve Your Company’s Goals

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Facebook Ads can help business drive traffic and sales while creating brand awareness and loyalty. People will be directly interacting with your brand through Facebook and the ads you run. Depending on your goals, there are different types of Facebook Ads campaigns you can run.

For brand new business (or just brand new to Facebook)

Run a Brand Awareness campaign for a week or so

Run a Traffic campaign to send people outside of Facebook

Run an Engagement Campaign

For businesses who have been on Facebook

The Engagement campaigns can also help existing businesses get more eyes on their Facebook posts.

If you have campaigns with specific goals, there are campaigns to help reach those:

There are other objectives that can help drive leads or conversions.

If you run one of these two campaigns, you’ll need to install Facebook Pixel to be able to track your results.

What is Facebook Pixel?

The Pixel tells Facebook Ads Manager what is happening on your website. There are standard event codes you can install so that Facebook can track leads, purchases and more.

All sites should run the Facebook Pixel — it gives you information and data that Google Analytics doesn’t tell you. With both, you can get more insight into your marketing efforts. This information helps you understand exactly which ads are converting and which ones need improvement, whether that be on the targeting or the creative.

Need help selecting the right campaign for your business’s goals? Reach out for help creating campaigns that drive conversions, engagement and traffic to your business.

B2B content + social media professional. nature lover. craft beer enthusiast.

B2B content + social media professional. nature lover. craft beer enthusiast.