5 Key Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2020

For years, I have wanted to attend Social Media Marketing World. It almost happened last year, but I left my job and the ticket transferred to my replacement. So this year, I was determined to make it happen!

I was only able to attend a handful of the sessions I wanted to, because there were so many that looked amazing. I will be watching the recordings of the sessions I missed over the next several weeks. But here are my top takeaways that I can immediately begin implementing from the sessions I attended in person.

Do more with the content you already have.

Melanie Deziel’s session on repurposing content was on my must-attend list from the beginning. It’s an important topic for small teams with limited time and resources. Her 6 step system will help stretch high-performing content further. While most of us probably already do one or two of these steps, using more of them can help high-performing pieces have more life and get in front of more customers.

Create content for the customer.

“Marketing should be something we do for people, not something we do to them.” — Ray Edwards

Seems basic, but it’s often forgotten. We need to market for the customer, not for us as marketers or the brand. When creating content, we should always be thinking about the customer. (I had a boss one time who’s favorite feedback was always WIIFM: What’s in it for me? Keep that in mind when creating any content.)

3 Rs for Content Improvement

To provide a higher level of customer experience, Ian Cleary recommends using the 3 Rs for content improvement: Remove / Renew / Redirect.

Remove any content that has no traffic and no links. Renew content getting traffic. Redirect traffic with links but no traffic.

Slow Down to Speed Up.

Everything — marketing included — is go, go, go right now. Ann Handley’s new term SDSU (sid-su) is all about reminding us to slow down. Let’s slow down and think about our customers first, and how we can be helping or benefiting them.

(Also of note are her books, which are among some of my favorites. Check out Everybody Writes and Content Rules.)

Use LinkedIn hashtag communities.

Writing a post from the LinkedIn hashtag community can help improve visibility.

This was one of Viveka Von Rosen’s tips. At this point, most people know to include hashtags in their LinkedIn post (3 continues to be the magic number discussed). But clicking through to that hashtag community and creating the post from there can increase the visibility your post gets.

Were you at SMMW? What were your top takeaways you plan to use now, or work toward implementing down the road?

You can also download my Google Slides (shared with team members) of highlights here.

B2B content + social media professional. nature lover. craft beer enthusiast.

B2B content + social media professional. nature lover. craft beer enthusiast.